Audio of the Zwift Community Live Weekly Wind Up from June 21st, 2019. Nathan and Greg are joined by Nicola Cranmer- general manager of the Sho-Air Twenty20 professional cycling team to talk about the team's use of Zwift, their aspirations in eRacing, and an outlook on the future of the sport. The hosts also discuss the latest Zwift release, which includes two new power ups and a special time trial mode. 

In this episode Greg Leo, Adam Zimmerman and Lionel Vujasin talk about news around CVR, Double Draft and discuss how they prepare for Zwift races. 

A special release of Adam Zimmerman's Echelon podcast #44 on being an "indoor specialist", interval training, and all things Zwift racing. 

Adam's Echelon podcast, a great interview podcast covering a broad range of cycling topics, can be found at https://soundcloud.com/echelonpodcast/

Greg and Adam discuss the UCI eSports annoucement, the transition from riding and racing outdoors back into Zwift and how to incorporate Zwift racing into a training schedule to promote long-term gains. 

Greg and Adam discuss teams on Zwift- why join one, how to find one, and tips on racing together. 

Greg discusses powerups in Zwift- what they do, when to use them in a race, and a tip on how to get the one you want in less time. 

Greg and Pat talk about the upcoming Zwift National Championship for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They preview the course and give their picks for who might pull on the jersey!  

We talk CVR cancellation, WBR Super League and begin a series of episodes breaking down particular courses to provide tips on racing. What better way to start than with Watopia Flat? 

Greg provides a preview of the new Innsbruck course with a focus on racing and provides some tips on what to pay attention to and how to approach the sprint of the Innsbruckring.  

In this special interview episode, Greg talks to CVR World Cup Vancouver Champion Lionel Vujasin. Lionel provides insight on the overlap between Cyclocross and Zwift and gives new racers some tips on how to improve e-racing skills. For workout file and photos, visit the In The Pens Listeners facebook group. 

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